If You Want to be Successful, You Need to Learn to Lose

If you want to be successful, you need to Learn to Lose.

Right now everyone is talking about New Year's resolutions and goal setting, and everyone is also talking about the Rhonda Rousey UFC loss. Even if you're not a UFC fan, you've heard of Rhonda Rousey. She undoubtedly put Woman's MMA on the map. She was the Champion and for years she was undefeated and reigned as Champion. No one even came close to beating her. But 2016 wasn't her year and she suffered not 1, but 2 devastating losses. This last fight we were all waiting for a comeback - but that didn't happen. She was absolutely destroyed in 48 seconds.

After watching her lose, my first thought was wow SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO LOSE.

She's a champion she knows how to WIN but it became clear after this 2nd loss that she clearly does not know how to fight and lose. Life is full of losses, and that is inevitable. If you want to set really big goals and actually take a risk and make something out of your life - you better get comfortable losing. Losing isn't the opposite of success - losing is a part of success. Of course we never want to go into something with the intention of losing, but just be prepared to get knocked down and be prepared to get back up.

The most popular New Years Resolution is weight-loss and if it was your Resolution, right now you are probably doing pretty good as it is just 4 days into the new year. But life will happen. That office potluck will show up. That birthday cake will appear. You will miss the gym when you had full intentions of going. The key is to learn that it's ok to lose and have a setback. You don't learn from 100% Success. You learn from trial and error and as long as you're making strides every day to be better even if you do lose and don't succeed at your "goal" right away, don't quit. Learn from the loss, and keep moving forward.

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