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If You Want to be Successful, You Need to Learn to Lose

If you want to be successful, you need to Learn to Lose. Right now everyone is talking about New Year’s resolutions and goal setting, and everyone is also talking about the Rhonda Rousey UFC loss. Even if you’re not a UFC fan, you’ve heard of Rhonda Rousey. She undoubtedly put…

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I received a Notice of Default Letter, What do I do now?

If you are 90 Days past due on your Mortgage, your Mortgage company will serve you with a Notice of Default letter. This is the first step in the Foreclosure process. It is posted on the front door or in a conspicuous place, and the Notice is filed at the…

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Sell Your Home While in Foreclosure

Since the downturn in the market in 2007, our market has been primarily Short Sales (Selling your home for less than is owed on the property) or Foreclosures. We have been in a distressed market for the past several years and until recently we are now seeing a light at the…

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What’s Your Home Worth?

Thinking of Selling? Not sure what your home is worth? We can give you a quick home analysis!

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We feel as Realtors®, we are being trusted with our clients greatest asset, their homes. It is the duty of Realtors® to be involved in the day to day activity of Real Estate with the ever changing rules, laws and trends. Community involvement is also very important. Realtors® should give where they live. Being involved on Ground Zero further strengthens the desire for Realtors® to help in their Community. 




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